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  • Asturias - 1927 | Madrid - 1988

    .. tor... Then we did not have Social Security. We did not have at all more one... One... That had a doctor, how calls this?, man, a Society. YES, PRIVATE. For example, if had a childbirth that came badly, attended you, but if it came well, had to... Home. That to me, it has been home and they have forced me a lot of. YOU HAD HOME To DAD? Home. The ....
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    Pregnancy and birthHealth and healthcare
  • Tamarite de Litera - 1947 | Madrid - 1973

    .. jos, neither had vomits, neither at all of at all. It seems me that the natural form of... To be mother as... It is that. And already it is. And I did not have any... Any thing. I prepared me for the childbirth, because then they began... well, then, or at least it said , that was... In The Peace prepared for the childbirth without pain, that this also is a... I think that is of this period that t ....
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    MotherhoodPregnancy and birth
  • Madrid - 1956 | Madrid - 1977

    .. p to the democracy... And there is A TRANSITION... And there is a transition here... ...HARD. ...Hard, of strikes, eh? That just I... eh... I put me of childbirth. It looks, Laura, to me anybody had explained me, to me anybody... To me never anybody said me, eh..., what felt , no? How... How it felt a person when it remained pregnant... If... If you ....
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    Democratic transition and democracyPregnancy and birthHealth and healthcare
  • Sevilla - 1939 | Sevilla - 1966

    .. he monks of you and "forbidden forbid". Afterwards there was a... A... A jesuita that went to the school and gave us some talks to the parents, and afterwards there were some films. Well, I the first childbirth that saw live and in direct was a film that put us this jesuita, that said that the other did not want to it because... And it put us there a pelicula and a childbirth, how called ....
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    ReligionDemocratic transition and democracyPregnancy and birth
  • Torrenueva - 1928 | Valdepeñas - 1963

    .. ndmother... As it worked with the grandmother, had to have him pu... Had cartilla. And we did not have cartilla. Then it was necessary to pay him to the comadrona. EVERY TIME THAT HAD A CHILDBIRTH PAID HIM To THE COMADRONA? It had to pay it to the comadrona, yes. And the doctors ... Because the doctors was one equalises... It did one equalises and paid for to... By year. I ....
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    Health and healthcarePregnancy and birth
  • Huelva - 1943 | Sevilla - 1966

    .. t, that... I agree me of a friend, of these that I said before, that... That take to the so early boy and such, that arrived me to say that it went to throw by the window, that... That lue... In the childbirth, or was, bearing, was about to to throw by the window of the clinic because it said, of the ache, could not it hold. I did not feel this never, and then, I what wanted to was to see exit to ....
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    Pregnancy and birth
  • Alfacar - 1933 | Granada - 1962

    .. put me the hand until the high to ensure if the boy was alive or dead, for already give me... So that it bore, and it was in a room of the clinical, solica... With half light, and there had... Like a childbirth for real, of water, when... You break waters and everything and already carried me and was another boy. Because then you do not know, as now, what bring... No. The beats of the... Of the h ....
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    Health and healthcareBirth control methodsPregnancy and birth
  • Navalcarnero - 1927 | Navalcarnero - 1953 | Madrid - 1977

    .. Big Road that called Cinema of Essay, that... Pompeii? Or something like this called . It was going down to the Plaza of Spain to the right. It was a cinema very chiquitito and put a film that was a childbirth and this was the bomb, the bomb, but the bomb. Or it was, now already you see in the television a lady that take him out the heart, put it here on and put him a valve and do not say you at ....
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    Sexual educationMarriage
  • Ciudad Rodrigo - 1946 | Madrid - 1973

    .. AT HAD PREPARATION And...? Already, but very little, very little. Had preparation of exercises and to breathe and of all these things so that the boy was born well and happened it in the childbirth the best possible, but if you arrived there to the hospital and said you: "I leave You the boy at night or carry it to us to the incubator?", it looks, that remove it to you of in half beca ....
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  • Burgos - 1946 | Madrid - 1976

    .. here. And YOUR MOTHER GAVE To LIGHT HOME? As I think that to me yes that it gave me to light home. I think that the first that it was to the... That the first... The first childbirth that went in the hospital think that was my brother Jesús, that is the chamber. And I was born in a small... The life of my parents was complicadísima, think that like the one of all the on ....
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