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  • Isabel [mother] Cañas Rivas, Mercedes [daughter] González Cañas, Mercedes [granddaughter] Parra González

    .. er- But... Already we saw that... That it was a situation of... Of dictatorship... Because... The civil policeman was "order and control", the justice was to sticks, the... Repression of people that wanted to despuntar a bit. Mother- To shots. Daughter- As they killed them... Like this without giving him a lot of t ....
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  • Ester [mother] Ibáñez Maull, Luisa [daughter] Carrasco Ibáñez

    .. era". Neither... We did not know that this was a sin but results that it was a sin... Bah! Foolishnesses of those, because no... It did not have... pss... It was a without sense thing, typical of the repression that there was. And then... As... As you live it I eat... Because it is so general what lives , and if you do not have a rebellious character, that go you against of all this as... Obviousl ....
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  • Pascuala [mother] Amores Martín, Ana [daughter] Fandiño Amores

    .. ended . And it gave me a lot of anger, say: "And because it die this gentleman... [Laughs]". Because I had done me a suit and, say, for the dinner [laughs]. I began by here. Afterwards, as... As the repression, as there would be people that felt repressed. I, the truth is that never I have felt me repressed because, perhaps by circumstances or because... I have gone on doing... But it is that now ....
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  • Carmen [mother] Cid Cebrián, Pilar [daughter] Sánchez Cid

    .. was assigned to a... a voting table... and ... and when the Constitution was voted I was also assigned to one. So... I lived it all, but it was... I do not remember having lived, when Franco, like, a repression because we were normal and we lived, huh ... everything worked normally. We were not... we would not speak out... Yes, well, my brothers did have problems. They did speak out. One ....
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  • Leonisa [mother] Alonso Sánchez, Ana María [daughter] García Alonso

    .. olation. BUT, FOR EXAMPLE, FOR YOU THE RELIGION, HOW HAVE LIVED IT? To YOU...? YOU HAVE HAD TO YOU REPRESS IN SOMETHING Or To YOU DOES not HAVE YOU... THE RELIGION HAS not SUPPOSED YOU ANY REPRESSION? You HAVE DONE... No. I did what seemed me. I went to mass. If it wanted to carry the rosary... If no, what went, no. And YOU THINK THAT THE RELIGION HAS PREJUDICED To ....
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  • Amelia [mother] Martínez Arroyo, Natalia [daughter] Diaz Martínez

    .. ALREADY SUDDENLY ALL HAD CHANGED, THAT FOR YOU And YOUR SURROUNDINGS WAS not SO EXAGGERATED BECAUSE YOU HAD not LIVED... Or YES... Or it WAS, IN WHAT CONSISTED THIS CHANGE? Well, you the repression lived it in this sense, could not be more than three, could not do this, there were things as that were not... No? In what... Things, say, community, for all the world, but like you had had ....
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  • Pilar [mother] Librero Colmenero, Celeste [daughter] Delgado-Librero

    .. YOUR LIFE, THE CHANGES THAT HAVE SEEN... You will see, I childbirth that... My father... It was winning of the war. My father was Falangist. Then, we say, that I have not seen never this repression in my surroundings, have not seen it... Yes I have seen the descreencia of my father in the values that, really, he there was... By which he was Falangist. He broke the... The carnet of Pha ....
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  • Concha [mother] Alborg, Diana [daughter] Day

    .. y in her program about the... because of the political reasons. But in my case, it was more because of the economic and the... and the social issues, that I hadn't had those things. I didn't feel the repression at the level that some of the other mothers did. It was more an economic, a class issue, really. In my family, at this point, to go to a restaurant would be, you know... It just.. ....
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  • Carmen Valle Martín

    .. nt out very economic, and happened there all the afternoon the women that went in groups of friends to see as the typical films folclóricas. But always there was two or three men that by cause of the repression did not find the form and knew that, in the cinema, as probably they came close to one and colaba... Because also it had them. But, sometimes, they made a mistake and... And they hit you s ....
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