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  • Tomelloso - 1921 | Tomelloso - 1944 | Tomelloso - 1969

    .. ivas, am of Tomelloso, was born in the year 21, am 90 years old and alive in a residence that calls , eh... Elder. Daughter-Am Mercedes González Canes, am natural of Tomelloso and alive in Tomelloso, am 67 years old, 67 years. Granddaughter- call Me Mercedes Vine González, am of Tomelloso, alive in Tomello ....
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  • Madrid - 1925 | Madrid - 1961 | Madrid - 1987

    .. see, when you… Have been speaking with the grandmother and such and have noticed as that there were different things between her and you, but between… Good, and between her and I, incredible, but, well, especially when you were young, the moment of the school and all this, what you were to the academy PEAK of... Of Sol, that was when it began, in the year seventy-five, that began all the history o ....
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    Post war and dictatorshipIdeology and values
  • Madrid - 1925 | Madrid - 1961 | Madrid - 1987

    .. to, especially, ask you if what you were small, if you went to the school, all the girls and the boys? Mother- Then , usually, yes went to the school, here in Madrid. For example, in other villages as perhaps no because there was not neither teachers neither means of locomotion. Daughter- Are speaking that ....
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    Elementary and secondary school
  • Navalcarnero - 1927 | Navalcarnero - 1953 | Madrid - 1977

    .. ez Lucas, am fifty-eight years old, was born in Navalcarnero and go to do the interview to my mother that... Mum, gives your personal data. Mother- call Me Victoria Emilia, known more by Emilia that by Victoria, was born on 27 December 1927, have lived in Madrid when I married me, forty-five years, and when I remained me widowed came me here ....
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  • Navalcarnero - 1927 | Navalcarnero - 1953 | Madrid - 1977

    .. think that the grandparents (do not know if the grandmother or the grandfather or the two together) commanded you to the school to do the bachillerato, when in that period was not the most normal that the... That the girl went to study? Mother- As I do not know if they would do it because it had been, practically, from girl with my aunts and had me. ....
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    High school
  • Alfacar - 1933 | Granada - 1962

    .. een all bad... It has been... Come to hammer, by not knowing... By not doing the things well. Then, they yes came of people well. But... A fortune of penalty that has been, of penalty, because had a daughter the lady this, the husband was a Muslim, no because it was Muslim neither... But that here threw already all the fortune. Instead of having gone to his nephew and to his people, as it was for ....
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    Family financesOther relatives
  • Murcia - 1947 | Murcia - 1967

    .. , NO? But that no... And AFTERWARDS YOU DARSE OF THE TYPE OF MAN THAT WAS. Claro... Had maltreatment... And had to leave it. I said that before... Lose to my daughter (did not know what went to have, clear), that preferred to separate me, and separated me. And already as... I remained me again with my father and my brother... That really no, it had not lef ....
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    DatingMarriageLiving as a woman
  • Bilbao - 1942 | Bilbao - 1966

    .. s,... A good education... WHAT EXPECTED OF YOU? What expected ? Ay! As that went polite, literate, good people and, afterwards, form a family. This era... This was all, mine daughter. You THINK THAT there was SOME DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT EXPECTED OF YOU And WHAT YOU EXPECTED OF US? Yes, because for example I have to my daughter, but afterwards ha ....
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    CollegeLiving as a woman
  • Santiuste de San Juan Bautista - 1925 | Nava de la Asunción - 1952

    .. GOES To DO, IS to PRESENT. MAMI. I am Leonisa Alonso Sánchez, was born in Santiuste of San Juan Bautista and alive in Nava of the Assumption. I am widowed, have four children, five granddaughters and a grandson and a bisnieto. And HOW MANY YEARS HAVE, SKY? Ah!, of years have 87. WELL, I GO To INTERVIEW To MY MOTHER TO KNOW A bit HOW LIVED IN THE S ....
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  • Madridejos - 1927 | Madrid - 1971

    .. g. The rest, lived in Toledo because my parents went to work to Toledo. There they were born two mine brothers, those that live, because I to the others three that died did not arrive them to know: a daughter of twelve years and two children, that did not know to any of the three; to the two that have lived, that four years ago that died the elder and have another that is ninety-two years old. I, ....
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    ParentsLiving environment