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  • Tomelloso - 1921 | Tomelloso - 1944 | Tomelloso - 1969

    .. , killed them. Afterwards it finished the war, came the same: if ones killed, the others killed also. And it suffered a lot because they went to by the people to the houses, took them out, burned the churches, this in the war. Daughter- But you in the war... The village, Tomelloso... It was in national zone or in red zone? ....
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    Ideology and valuesCivil War
  • Madrid - 1943 | Madrid - 1967

    .. N THE SEVENTIES Or LIKE THIS And ERA... Or it WAS, BECAUSE ALSO IN THE PARTY IN WHICH YOU WERE there was... I MEMORY THAT there was A QUANTITY OF PRIESTS, MONKS And PEOPLE THAT CAME OF CHURCH, NO? It WAS... There was A lot of... Yes... Yes. Eh... Or it WAS, it DID not SUPPOSE A... A CUT THE RELIGION STOPS... No! No, no, but besides in that period ....
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    Ideology and valuesPost war and dictatorshipReligion
  • San Miguel del Río - 1940 | Alcoy/Alcoi - 1970

    .. ose that did studies and treated to improve, of aunar the religion with the life. And with the current life, with the life that was living , that there was a revolution in the form to relate and the Church wanted to adapt with this. These cursi... These groups of familiar movement Christian also, and these ours that they are teams of Our Lady, mattered them... This mattered of France. And it was ....
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  • Tamarite de Litera - 1947 | Madrid - 1973

    .. came a priest and then gave you... As on each... Each mandamiento... Because, clear, the mandamientos are the... What governs here: the ones of... The ones of the Law of God and the ones of the Church, or was, all junticos here. And on each... Each thing that you could sin as this did there... We go, I remember a... A drawing that there was in one... In a book, that was a bridge, like an aqu ....
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    ReligionSexual education
  • Alfacar - 1933 | Granada - 1962

    .. irst communion... WITH A PURPLE DRESS, NO...? NO. With a dress loaned and... And I went that I, when seeing me with the dress... And my mother... It commanded me to... To the church: "Have taken care to not to mark you the dress neither at all that we have to give it back". And... It went I to... To the communion. When I went back, they had done me a dress to première it, ....
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  • Ciudad Rodrigo - 1946 | Madrid - 1973

    .. . Here it can not go in neither the Pope neither the Vatican neither anybody". NEITHER THE FATHER, NEITHER THE MOTHER. Neither anybody. Then... And this education came of the Church, or was, of the Church, to see, of this priest that was totally separated of the normal organisms, because the priest Granda, you arrived it to know, and that was, pufff... But it worked very w ....
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    ReligionBirth control methods
  • A Coruña - 1947 | A Coruña - 1972

    .. cause the woman has a freedom that we then did not have and an information that we did not have neither. All was sinned: a kiss was sinned, a... A brush was sinned. All was sinned in that period, the Church had us the very eaten coconut. And YOUR PARENTS...? Or it WAS, THE CHURCH To YOUR PARENTS YES...? To my parents, no. My parents was by the society, because really my fa ....
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    Single mothersReligionPremarital relationshipsParents
  • Asturias - 1927 | Madrid - 1988

    .. . WITH HIS. ...It has left him his father. We were to look for to your mother, to your mother and to the father, that was the godfather, and the four have gone together to the church. [SMILE] And YOU CARRIED... You CARRIED To DAD, NO?, OF THE ARM. Claro, and your grandfather to your mother. And she did not want neither take dress of girlfriend, a ....
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  • Cifuentes - 1937 | Madrid - 1962

    .. species of rebeldía also, that say: "Caramba, have punished to this priest for being theologian of the release! As I do not agree". And this has done you, perhaps, separate you a bit of the official Church to include you in this another Church. Claro, when on you go, ehh, as I what are, perhaps has helped me also, has helped us..., this has been a bit to little. Then..., the..., the know Vallecas ....
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    Ideology and valuesReligion
  • Asturias - 1927 | Madrid - 1988

    .. d all this. We knew the catechism and all this, and afterwards have done the communion. They have bought us a... Clothes to go all the ones of the village and of the villages those.... We went to the church, that there was a rector in the village of Saint Martín, and there have done the communion. But to my brothers the small... The ones of behind, there has not been communion already. ....
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    Elementary and secondary schoolReligion