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  • Concha [mother] Alborg, Diana [daughter] Day

    .. were talking about the maids. The maids, almost all of them, dated service people, servicemen, and ah... and my mother kept saying: "Vas a acabar en la cárcel" --"You are going to end up in jail"-- to my dad because he was going to be told to the authorities by the maid's boyfriend, that in that house they were speaking Valencian. And... and my father stuck to his guns and never switched ....
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  • Carmen [mother] Cid Cebrián, Pilar [daughter] Sánchez Cid

    .. others did have problems. They did speak out. One of them was caught in ... HE WAS AT [THE DIRECTORATE OF GENERAL SECURITY IN PUERTA DEL] SOL. He was in Sol... IN JAIL. …In jail. Later, the oder one also had problems because he worked in the law office of Peces Barba and at the time... because ... at that time Peces Barba ... went into exile from M ....
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  • María Asunción [mother] Herrera Caballero, María Jesús [daughter] Melchor Herrera

    .. in the army and was with the ones of rights and Manolo is absolutely of lefts... Absolutely. And when it was in the army more, convinced even more, that was reason that has happened half life in the jail. WELL, To SEE, DO not KNOW IF OF RELIGION... BUT ALREADY YOU HAVE SAID ME, NO?, THAT YOU ARE RELIGIOUS BY... I was religious because it was... I do not know. And, besides ....
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