We are deeply grateful to all our project interviewers and interviewees, who generously opened the doors of their homes and of their lives to us. Their stories raise our historical awareness and protect us from oblivion.

Our sponsors

Mujer y Memoria would not exist without the genius and generosity of Alejandro Peña and Francisco Onielfa (Render Comunicación). Their innovative work on digital preservation and analysis of oral history and intangible cultural heritage still guides and sustains us in each and every phase of our expanding project.

Pedro Lange-Churión is the author of the extraordinary portraits that introduce the Maternidades robadas' testimonies. These photographs are part of an itinerating exhibit entitled Duerma en ti, which was shown at Centro del Carmen, Valencia, from March 12 to June 2, 2019. 

Part of Mujer y Memoria has been financed with research grants from the City University of New York, the Professional Staff Congress and the University of San Francisco (California). Queensborough Community College (CUNY) awarded Aránzazu Borrachero two sabbatical years (2011-2012 and 2018-2019) to develop different aspects of Mujer y Memoria.

The Comunidad de Madrid Regional Archive granted us permission to include photographs from their Santos Yubero, Portillo and "La Memoria de Madrid" collections. The Historical Archive of the F. Largo Caballero Foundation also gave us access to its important  photographic database. Constanza Ribas sang "Yo no soy esa," by Mari Trini, with Carlos Aguado at the guitar. We recorded this incisive musical theme with the help of David Hyam and his Mr. Soul studio of Madrid. 

A long list of close friends and relatives has supported the project in multiple ways. Our most heartfelt thanks to all of them.