Interested in collaborating with us?

Mujer y Memoria aspires to become a diverse and representative database of Spanish women's history during the second half of the 20th century.
You may collaborate with Mujer y Memoria:
  • as an interviewer or interviewee (,
  • spreading the word,
  • providing materials for our website, such as photographs, documents, etc. (we will duplicate them and return the originals to you),
  • donating recorded testimonials (voice only or audiovisual files),
  • conducting, transcribing or translating interviews (we will provide the necessary training),
  • helping to finance the project,
  • providing feedback in our  "News" section.

Our work process

  • We publicize the project in community groups, social networks and by word of mouth.

  • When potential participants contact us, we provide detailed project information and ask them to complete a simple questionnaire. We also provide a list of possible interview questions that participants may adapt and modify according to the particularities of their personal history.
  • Together with the prospective participants, we choose a recording location that is convenient for them.
  • We conduct the interview in one session (more sessions may be scheduled if necessary). On the day of the interview, the participants sign the consent form to participate in the project and the authorization to publish the interview in our web archive. Nevertheless, the interview will not be published before the participants see it.
  • We send a DVD copy of the interview to the participants.
  • We digitize, transcribe and index each interview.
  • In the Stolen Motherhoods archive, we collect and upload the participant's supporting documents.
  • We keep two backup copies of all recordings, in accordance with international archiving standards. The interviews are stored in secure spaces with appropriate preservation conditions.