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  • Carmen [mother] Lasarte Carandell, Carolina [daughter] Fernández Lasarte

    .. , but I this rejection have not noticed it never because for me my grandmother was all, then... Along the years all what have, all what am, all what I have been able to develop is by my grandmother. Home there was also a Tata. There were four women that lived there, that were sleeping. Aside there was a lavandera, separate a costurera, but the fundamental was the Tata. The Tata went in in the hou ....
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  • María Asunción [mother] Herrera Caballero, María Jesús [daughter] Melchor Herrera

    .. then, his father said "Well, as if you remain you without work, no. Go you to Álava". I want to say, the parents of then, his purpose was that the children worked and the children delivered the money home. Also it is truth because there was little money, but the idea… I, my brothers have been working and delivering all the money home... And... And WHAT ... And HOW you SAW IT YOU THIS? ....
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  • Valentina (Tina) [mother] Barriuso Gutiérrez, Amaya [daughter] Prieto Barriuso

    .. epted by part of all the parties: rights, left, centre and the yenka, in front and behind. All, all. Because this yes that it was to go out out of nowhere. And YOUR MOTHER GAVE To LIGHT HOME? As I think that to me yes that it gave me to light home. I think that the first that it was to the... That the first... The first childbirth that went in the hospital think that wa ....
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  • Victoria Emilia [mother] Lucas Sanz, María Victoria [daughter] Gómez Lucas, Ana [granddaughter] Prados Gómez

    .. do things, but could more all the subject of the politics and, at the end, finish dragged by... By the subject of the politics. Granddaughter- And he explained you something of politics home? Daughter- Well, to us, the first that explained us was that him pillaron in a demonstration and that had it enchironado. Mother- And that we had to pay in t ....
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  • Carmen Valle Martín

    .. is to say, had so many things that do that any could do it like you wanted to. Had to do them by on because you had to carry it all you. The husbands were educated, in this period, so that it arrived home and that was all done. And I do not say you at all when they, as in the mine case, travelled and probably went and I remained me alone with the boys, with the house, with the classes, with the ex ....
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  • Pilar [mother] Librero Colmenero, Celeste [daughter] Delgado-Librero

    .. t is Sevillana, or is Endesa, or any another. No, the light was of a station that had the own company. Then, during the day the works that did needed a lot of electricity, with which did not have it home, had it from the... It depended: in summer in an hour and in winter in another, during all night, that already worked less in the mine, the offices were closed and all this, although there were a ....
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  • Amelia [mother] Martínez Arroyo, Natalia [daughter] Diaz Martínez

    .. py that you have gone out independent, because for this gave you some independence. I AGREE ME OF A WORK THAT DID IN THE SCHOOL, Or WAS, I AGREE ME THAT I KNEW HERE IN..., BEING HOME IN THE MEETINGS THAT DID, THAT ARE THE YEARS THOSE, AS I HAD ONCE Or TWELVE YEARS WHEN I DID THIS WORK, Or WAS, would BE IN THE 74, 75; THEN THEY ASKED US A..., YOU DO not AGREE YOU ....
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  • Aurora [mother] Gómez Sánchez, Aurora [daughter] Morcillo Gómez

    .. ... It is that... It avenges here...". And then they said him to him that came... We said him: "it Is that to me they have said me that you went to Granada and operates me". "I no... I operate in any homestead that was not east". As then I said: "As it look you, that do not go me to operate here". And here I said him: "But it is that they go me to look for you the loss of my family and of all thi ....
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  • Julia [mother] González Rodríguez, Pilar [daughter] Fernández González

    .. rfere in the actions of the army. ALREADY. And then the army has to be, by right, has to be apolítico, eh? One... Be always to the service of... Now of the Constitution, before was of the Homeland, now of the Constitution, of Rey, of which... Of what commanded the citizens. And it had to be a... A soldier can not be political because then it would be a... A je... A fits... It would be ....
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  • Carmen [mother] del Valle Sánchez, Cristina [daughter] Escudero del Valle

    .. driver, moved him of a side for another. It walked with the mattresses for there and for here. Each one are of a place because, sure enough, are... Very varied. Then then , I was there as... I lived home of my grandmother, had a finca very big, was born there. It was born my sister also, the one who follows me, that is died already, there. And afterwards already, as we walked correteando by those ....
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