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  • Torrenueva - 1928 | Valdepeñas - 1963

    .. Ten?... The Angels already had eighteen years or dieci... Yes. As then they came the mops... And no longer I know... THAT you WERE YOU... You DID not TAKE CARE YOU THE PREGNANCY WELL? That no... The boys were born... One was born with the black face, black, and the another was born with the black hands, black, and the "piecillos". Because they were that t ....
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  • Navalcarnero - 1927 | Navalcarnero - 1953 | Madrid - 1977

    .. ave married me because it was pregnant, the thing already was more than spoken. Granddaughter- Planned. Daughter- And seen and such. That is to say, that neither went by the pregnancy. But to what go: that I married me, eh… or was, that remained me pregnant. And well, I remained me pregnant, no said it to him to anybody, at all... well, to my sister and to a friend, but g ....
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